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Out-of-Home Media

Does Out-of-Home media, including billboards and Gas Station TV, seem too pricey and out of reach for your marketing efforts, or may you need help securing the ideal locations?

Our Product

Cost-effective Solutions: Maximize budget by bidding on unsold ad spaces efficiently.

Targeted audience reach: Placement in any geographic location, time of day, or week.

Dynamic Campaign Optimization: Flexible design changeability

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Here's how our process works:

You can see your message on the highway or roadside to get a response within days. The following steps are taken to make it happen:

• We assess your target audience, geographic areas, budget, and campaign dates
• We review a proposal with a strategy and pricing
• We assemble compelling creative
• We schedule the launch
• We monitor the results.



With a long and prosperous career in Out-of-Home, Jacob Steenholdt, the owner of Skyodin, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having previously served as an art director and media salesperson for the two largest billboard companies in Michigan, he has a proven track record of success. Jacob has masterfully executed campaigns for esteemed clients such as the State of Michigan, FCA, Meijer, Tim Hortons, and numerous small businesses across the state. Trust in Jacob Steenholdt's expertise to elevate your brand's visibility and impact.



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Take your ad buy to the next level with measurable outcomes and lower costs! Schedule a consultation today.

Do you want to save valuable time negotiating pricing and terms with multiple media representatives for your ad buy? Look no further. Skyodin is your ultimate solution, serving as a one-stop shop with widespread coverage for multiple vendors.

With Skyodin, you can easily find the perfect vendors that fit your budget and achieve ubiquitous ad exposure. But that's not all. Skyodin takes your ad buy to the next level by delivering measurable outcomes and significantly reducing costs. Say goodbye to the hassle of endless negotiations and hello to a streamlined and efficient ad-buying process. Schedule a consultation with Skyodin today and you can experience the power of maximizing your ad campaign's impact while minimizing your expenses.